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The book is an extrapolation of the symbolism associated with Vishnu and allied deities in the Hindu culture. Being a fan of symbolism, I absolutely loved Pattanaik's elucidation of Vishnu's Lord Vishnu book of symbols, which is immense to say the least, counting in the avatars.4/5.

‎Through this book, we are trying to understand and explain the glory and majestic powers of Lord Vishnu and the purpose of his incarnations. We hope the lofty ideals enshrined in this book serve as guiding lights for the people. Vishnu's ten incarnations states that the Divin.

I read the NY times Book Review of Will Clarke's two novels Lord Vishnu's Love Handles and The Worthy. They sounded like some sick cross between Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Robbins. It's more Tom Robbins when he he was in his prime (I'm not sure where he is mentally today).4/5(57).

Dashavatar is a book about the ten stories of the 10 main avatars of Lord Vishnu and how each of them saved the earth from the rule of evil in their own way and what challenges they faced while doing Lord Vishnu book.

The 10 avatars are Matsya (fish), Kurma (turtle), Varaha (boar), Narasimha, Vamana (dwarf man), Parashurama, Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki.

Dashavatar: Stories of Lord Vishnu by Piyusha Vir is Lord Vishnu book excellent step towards that end. The book starts earnestly, grows on you steadily and by the time it is the turn of Maryada Purushottam Ram, it becomes a compelling read.

Of all the tales, Ramavatar is my favorite rendition. I find it more special because I don't particularly carry a torc/5. References to the glories of Lord Vishnu are found in such early books as the Rig-veda. Many of them are in relation to His form as Vamanadeva, the dwarf incarnation who begged for only three steps of land from Bali Maharaja and with those three steps A few of these verses are as follows.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram Vishnu Sahasranamam in telugu online. Read, download PDF book from Greater Telugu website. Vishnu Sahasranamam is the most powerful chanting can be done [ ] Continue reading».

Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu is the Supreme Being, the Supreme Lord of creation.

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He is also known as the Viraat Purush, the all-encompassing and all-pervading macrocosmic form of the Lord. Vishnu is the one from whose navel a divine lotus had emerged, and from this lotus came into being Brahma, the creator of this visible world.

Dashavatar- Stories of Lord Vishnu, as the name suggests is a book about the ten most famous avatars of Lord Vishnu. Now, I know all of us have read these tales as part of our “Growing up in Hindu family” curriculum but little do we remember how the various people/ characters that played a critical role in each avatar, are connected to each Reviews: Lord Vishnu is considered as propitious and is worshipped all over the country as he has the power to bring happiness in life and overcome any situation He is the preserver of the universe.

With Lord Vishnu’s worship devotees is guarded by him with a protective seam. About the Book It is curious to note that almost all male and female deities ranging from Mahesvara, Narayana, Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, to Bhagavati in varied forms are depicted with defensive weapons.

If Mahadeva hold trident, Krishna holds all powerful disc (Sudarshana Chakra), Rama holds weapons of archery; similarly almost all female deities are found holding one or other kinds of weapons. Lord Vishnu Books The Essence of Sri Mahavishnu- The Teachings of Bhishma on Vishnu Sahahranama by K.

Sivananda Murty HARDCOVER (Edition: ). Vishnu is the author of Vedas. He is referred as Vedavidh (Knower of Vedas).Vedas come from his lotus feet, compiled by Krishna Dwapiyana (Vedavyasa) who is an incarnation of Vishnu.

Krsna says: I am seated in everyone’s heart, and from Me come re. Thus, Lord Vishnu incarnates from time to time to eradicate the evil forces and establish dharma - the righteous way. Lord Vishnu is believed to have taken on nine incarnations (avatars) so far and the tenth avatar will descend on Earth at the end of Kaliyuga.

Hence these ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu are collectively known as the Dashavatar.5/5(1). In puranic lore, Vishnu is the preserver of the universe and the cosmic order. Dashavatar is the mythological story of the 10 avatars of Vishu who descends to the terrestrial world to establish stability and order, time and again.

The progression in the ten incarnations of Vishnu is found parallel to Darwin’s theory of evolution by many. Lord Vishnu's Love Handles is the story of a man who is teetering on the edge of financial ruin and insanity until a couple of secret agents teach him what it really means to lose his mind.

Travis Anderson has a psychic gift. Or so he thinks. So far he's milked his premonitions only to acquire an upper-middle-class lifestyle -- pretty wife, big house, and a shiny Range Rover -- without having 5/5(4).

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Vishnu (/ ˈ v ɪ ʃ n uː /; ; Sanskrit: विष्णु, IAST: Viṣṇu, ISO: Viṣṇu, lit. 'the pervader'), is one of the principal deities of is the supreme being within Vaishnavism, one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism.

Vishnu is known as "The Preserver" within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and en: Kamadeva (According to some versions). VishnuLord Vishnu is known as the protector of all mankind.

In his avatar as the supreme protector of the Universe,Vishnu assumed various different forms to. Then Vishnu said, “I am known as Kamala Nayana, that means lotus-eyed Lord.

My eyes are as beautiful as any lotus. So I will offer one of my eyes”, and he immediately plucked out his right eye and placed it on the linga.

Pleased with this kind of offering, Shiva gave Vishnu. The Lord Vishnu appeared in 10 avatars (dashavatar = das meaning ten and avatar meaning incarnation) in different yugas (aka time periods). The first yuga was called Satya yuga where the first 4 avatars appeared. The second yuga was called Treta yuga where 3 more avatars appeared.

Vishnu Books Collection, Books on Lord Vishnu, Vishnu Sahasranamam. Rudra Centre presents Books of Lord Vishnu. These books include Shri Satyanarayan Vrat Katha, read/heard by devotees during Satyanarayan Vrat puja, which is perhaps the most popular pujas to be conducted at homes.

Lord Vishnu Story, Story of Lord Vishnu and his birth story is one of the most important god in the Hinduism along with lord Brahma and lord Shiva. He is one of member of the holy trimurti (LordBrahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu) of Hinduism. Lord Vishnu. A mace or Gada, named "Kaumodaki", is held by the lower right hand.

It symbolizes that Vishnu's divine power is the source of all spiritual, mental and physical strength. Parasara Bhattar, a follower of Ramanuja, wrote a commentary in the 12th century, detailing the names of Vishnu from a Vishishtadvaita perspective, in the book titled Bhagavath Guna Dharpanam (or Bhagavad Guna Dharpana, meaning reflections of the Lord's qualities).

Goddess Lakshmi smiled once and garlanded Lord Vishnu, choosing him above all the others. The Gods cheered when they saw Goddess Lakshmi marry Lord Vishnu. She was the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity and he was the Preserving God.

Lord Vishnu & Goddess Lakshmi - Ebook written by Munindra Misra, मुनीन्द्र मिश्रा. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Lord Vishnu & Goddess Lakshmi.

Tales of Vishnu Book Description: Vishnu, they say, is just one of a powerful threesome, the highest lords of the universe.

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However, though Brahma has created the universe and Shiva can destroy it, it is up to the great god Vishnu to keep all creatures within it well and happy.

Always compassionate, he is also the wisest of the trinity. Lord Vishnu holds the trinity of preservation and power, while Lord Shiva is responsible for the trinity of destruction. Lord Vishnu is more powerful than Lord Shivadue to the following reasons: 1.

Lord Vishnu is extremely wise and shrewd. It ta. The fifth book of the Vishnu Purana is the longest, with 38 chapters. It is dedicated to the legend of Krishna, as an avatar of Vishnu.

The book begins with the story of Krishna's birth, his childhood pranks and plays, his exploits, his purpose of ending the tyranny of demon-tyrant king of Mathura, named Kansa. I sing praises (vande-) to the Lord Vishnu (-vishnum) He who removes (-haram) all our fears (-bhaya) bhava– due to our inborn nature And he who is the master (-naatham) of the entire (-sarva) universe and creation (-lokaika).

Narayana Mantra: Simple, yet powerful mantra to please the preserver, Lord Vishnu. “Om Namo Narayanaya“. Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, pleased with the meditation of Krodha Maharshi, came to this place as Shankaranarayana and killed Kharasura and Rattasura.

The hill beside the Shankaranarayana Temple, atop which Krodha Maharshi meditated Lord .In the Hindu religion, the three main deities are Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva(Mahesh). Brahma creates, Vishnu protects and Shiva destroys – These are the three faces of Mother is believed in the hindu mythology that Lord Vishnu incarnates on this Earth from time to time to eradicate evil forces, to restore dharma and to liberate the worthy ones from the cycle of birth.The Lord Vishnu Maha Anusthan has helped many to resolve the problems in one's career and finances.

The Lord Vishnu Maha Anusthan is an 11 days process in which daily special ritual puja, hawan, donations, chanting of special mantras for career, finance, gain in position, along with energizing of Yantra and special incense sticks is also done.